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What SiriGpt is And How To Use It

What is SiriGpt?

SiriGPT is a cutting-edge voice assistant, meticulously crafted using the power of Shortcuts. It harnesses the collective strengths of ChatGPT's conversational intelligence, DALL·E's creative prowess, and Whisper's precise audio transcription capabilities, all optimized for use on your Apple devices, with support for 20 languages. SiriGPT also comes equipped with robust built-in security measures, especially in scenarios where third-party service providers collaborate with Apple.

 Step By Step Integration of ChatGpt with SiriGpt

Integrate ChatGPT with Siri for an Ultimate Virtual Assistant Experience

Are you ready to supercharge Siri with ChatGPT, the beloved AI chatbot of 2023? Thanks to OpenAI's API keys, you can now seamlessly blend the two to create a powerful virtual assistant. Follow these steps to make it happen:

Before You Begin: Create an OpenAI Account

  1. Download the SiriGPT Shortcut

    • Visit the SiriGPT shortcut page and tap "Add shortcut."

  2. Retrieve Your OpenAI API Keys

    • Head to platform.openai.com and log in to your OpenAI account.

    • Tap the three lines icon at the top right corner and select your profile at the bottom of the Settings Menu.

    • Click on "View API keys."

  3. Copy Your Secret API Key

    • Create a new secret key, then tap the copy icon and confirm by tapping "OK" to close the window.

  4. Insert Your API Key into the SiriGPT Shortcut

    • Open the Shortcuts app and locate the SiriGPT shortcut.

    • Tap the three dots to edit the shortcut and replace "ADD API KEY HERE" with your copied API key.

  5. Enable Dictation (if not already enabled)

    • Scroll down the shortcut flow chart until you see "Enable Dictation" underneath a red warning flag.

    • Tap "Enable Dictation," toggle it on, and tap "Enable Dictation" again.

  6. Grant SiriGPT Speech Recognition Access

    • Return to the Shortcuts menu and tap SiriGPT.

    • A privacy warning will appear, asking for access to Speech Recognition for vocal questions. Tap "Allow."

  7. Allow SiriGPT to Use Your OpenAI API

    • Tap the SiriGPT shortcut again to run it and ask a question.

    • A privacy prompt will request permission to send text to the OpenAI API for processing. Choose "Always Allow" or "Allow Once."

  8. Complete the Interaction

    • You'll receive an answer; tap "Done."

    • To ask another question, tap "Ask Again."

    • When finished, tap "Done."

  9. Set Up Back Tap for Convenience

    • Open Settings, tap "Accessibility," then "Touch."

  10. Assign SiriGPT to Back Tap

    • Choose either "Double Tap" or "Triple Tap" and select "SiriGPT" from the options.

  11. Use Back Tap to Launch SiriGPT

    • Simply tap the back of your iPhone, and SiriGPT will open.

    • Ask your question and tap "Done" when you're finished.

SiriGPT Use Cases

  • Text generation: SiriGPT can generate text for a variety of purposes, such as writing emails, composing messages, and creating notes.

  • Language translation: SiriGPT can translate text from one language to another in real-time.

  • Information retrieval: SiriGPT can answer questions on a wide range of topics, such as weather forecasts, news articles, and sports scores.

  • Task automation: SiriGPT can automate tasks such as setting reminders, scheduling appointments, and sending messages.

  • Entertainment: SiriGPT can provide entertainment by telling jokes, playing games, and generating stories.